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We survive off donations.

Help us continue our mission of building community, providing representation in the arts, and creating a space for marginalized stories to be heard.

As a small business committed to representation and mutual aid, donations help us in so many ways. Not only do we need them to keep publishing every month, but donations also can give us the opportunity to expand and broaden our reach.


Currently, SheThey is entirely run by one person, with occasional help from freelance friends – but the things this magazine could be with a staff!


The ultimate goal of SheThey is to build a creative community. With more financial resources, we could access much more of that community and provide a space for more voices to be heard. With this accomplished, SheThey would flourish, bringing in more funds to redistribute to mutual organizations and could continue to support the community. 



If you are able to donate – as much or as little as you can – please support us and our mission! We are grateful for each of our artists, readers, and sponsors!


Click here to learn about the mutual aid funds and organizations we've contributed to!

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Thank you for your support!

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