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SheThey Magazine is open to submissions from anyone whose gender is systemically marginalized or who exists beyond the gender spectrum. This includes folks who are women, non-binary, gender non-conforming, agender, genderqueer, gender fluid, trans feminine, trans masculine, and anyone who feels this magazine is a space for them. Although the magazine is titled 'SheThey,' we welcome folks of any and all pronouns and neopronouns.  


SheThey is currently on hiatus. We are not accepting submissions at this time, but stay tuned for when we are back! 

How to Submit.


  1. Send an email to requesting access to the submission drive. 

  2. Once you have access to the drive, create a folder titled your full name.

  3. Upload high resolution .png  or .jpeg file format of your artwork or Google documents of your writing pieces. You may upload as many pieces as you would like. The file name must be the title of that artwork. 

  4. Within your folder, create a document labeled 'Artist Statement.' Here you must include the following*: 

    1. Your full name and pronouns

    2. Contact info (Instagram handle) 

    3. A short bio about yourself; what your artwork/writing is about, why you create this type of work, anything you'd like us or our viewers to know about you as an artist. 

    4. An organized list of the pieces you submitted with the corresponding file name/artwork title and the medium of that piece.

  5. If you would also like to participate in an Artist Spotlight, upload a high quality, professional portrait to your folder. 

What to Submit.


Any and all forms of literature and 2D art are welcome. This includes, but is not limited:

  • drawings 

  • poetry 

  • mixed media​

  • photography 

  • narrative writing 

  • painting 

  • journal entries 

  • makeup art

  • journalistic reporting​

  • photos of 3D sculpture 

  • reviews of movies, books, music, articles

  • stills from videos or films 

  • collages 

  • fashion 

  • editorial articles 

  • jewelry

  • short stories

You are also encouraged to submit work that doesn't necessarily relate to or discuss a certain topic or issue. SheThey Magazine is a platform to uplift the work that you create, whatever that may be.


Content may be about or relate to any topic you want to discuss or share. This includes, but is not limited:

  • racism

  • sexism 

  • LGBTQIA+ topics

  • sexual assault 

  • body image 

  • ableism 

  • colorism 

  • sex positivity ​

  • police brutality

  • climate justice

  • trans rights 

  • Indigeneity 

  • gender expression 

  • reproductive justice

  • white supremacy 

  • ageism 

  • religion

  • domestic violence 

  • sexuality 

  • politics ​

  • patriarchy

  • menstruation 

  • relationships 

  • toxic masculinity 

  • mental health 

  • immigration 

  • family 

  • feminism 

  • education ​

  • social movements


*By submitting to SheThey Magazine, you consent to your artwork or writing be published by us, posted on social media, and used for promotion of our magazine. All creative rights remain yours; we do not own your work. Your work will be properly credited in both the publication and on our social media so long as you accurately follow the submission guidelines and provide us with all the correct and necessary information. If you do not include with your submission an artist statement containing your name, contact, and titles/medium of your work, we will not include your submission in the magazine. 

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